Sustainability Together: Sustainable Fashion Week at Hachette UK

Sustainable Fashion Week at Hachette UK

There’s no secret anymore that our planet is in a state of emergency, and we are way off track addressing it. The human race has never existed in a world with CO₂ levels this high, and the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions.

Fashion For Good Welcomes Ten New Innovators to its 2024 Innovation Programme

Fashion For Good Innovators

Fashion Declares is delighted that Fashion For Good, building on a renewed five-year strategy, has selected ten new innovators for its 2024 programme to receive tailored support validating their technologies. This cohort represents an increased focus on novel footwear materialand recycling technologies, man-made cellulosics, and nylon recycling. The 2024 Innovation Programme provides bespoke support based […]

Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem in Kenya

Regenerative fashion Kenya

By Geraldine Jepkemei. Kenya’s textile and clothing industry has undergone significant changes from the pre-colonial period before 1963 to the present day. In the past, Kenyans wore clothes made from locally available materials, such as plants and animal skins. The colour of these materials was naturally obtained from plants, making it an eco-friendly option to […]

Nudie Jeans & Living Wages

Nudie Jeans

I met with Sandya Lang, Chief Sustainability Officer of Nudie Jeans to understand their pioneering work in promoting living wages for workers in their supply chains, for my research project ‘Creating a Regenerative Textile and Fashion Industry for a Just Transition’. Sandya kindly allowed me to record this inspiring interview to share with the wider […]

Eco Christmas Unwrapped


  As we approach the festive season, let’s embrace the spirit of mindful gifting. Join us in unwrapping the joy of Christmas without compromising our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Below is a guide of our favourite eco-conscious options that resonate with the essence of the holidays. 1. MADE51 MADE51 is a global brand created […]

The Biodegradable Illusion: Breaking Down the Greenwashing Trend in Fashion

White T-shirt in flower meadow

By Aleksandra Mengüverdi The term “biodegradable” can be misleading because it implies that a product will naturally break down and be environmentally friendly. Due to the absence of proper legislation governing the requirements of its use, the term is widely overused, contributing to the problem of greenwashing. In response to these concerns, France prohibited the […]

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

By Kate Osbourne. Delight your friends and family this Christmas with our thoughtful, kind and considered gift guide for gifts in our community that give back. We are excited to welcome Kate Osborne, founder of Considered Store, a new online store who are on a mission to shake up gifting & homeware for good, to […]

A Fight Against Overconsumption: An upmarket push we hope many will follow

pile of clothes on street Vestiaire Collective

By Camila Becerra for Fashion Declares. Vestiaire Collective, an upmarket resale platform, has extended it’s list of Fast Fashion brands banned from the platform, including Gap, H&M, Zara. This decision comes as part of the company’s commitment to combat wasteful overconsumption. In order for Vestiaire Collective to ban these brands they have worked with 9 […]

Fashion Declares and The Big One Letter

Fashion Declares activists standing outside parliament

  Safia Minney MBE       Executive Director       Fashion Declares/REAL CIC                  The Department of Business and Trade                          Old Admiralty Building       Admiralty Pl, London       SW1A 2DY     Dear Honourable Secretary of State, Business […]