Fashion Declares is a bottom-up movement of people in the fashion industry who want to share best practice, learn, and take effective action in the climate, ecological and social crisis.

We call everyone in the fashion industry to add their voice and join the community!

Our Five Goals

1. Speaking Out for Urgent Action

We call for urgent action in the fashion industry to galvanise industry-wide debate on tackling the climate, ecological and social crisis.

Voluntary agreements are not sufficient to address this current crisis. We call fashion leaders to speak out publicly in support of laws and mandatory, enforceable agreements to hold companies to account, regionally, nationally and internationally, in line with recognised and science-based standards (such as SBTi, UNGPs, SDGs, etc.)

To support this we promote and share best practices to drive change at speed and scale.

2. Decarbonisation, Restoration of Ecosystems & Biodiversity

The fashion industry must reach net-zero carbon by 2030 through rapid emissions reduction, with minimal use of off-setting. We call for radical cuts in the industry’s use of energy, water and toxic chemicals.

We call for a shift to low-impact materials, stopping use of virgin synthetic fibres and adopting recyclable, biodegradable materials. We promote the principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture, favouring small-scale farmers, radically improving soil health, restoration of ecosystems, biodiversity and carbon drawdown. These materials should be independently recognised or certified.

In line with the circular economy, we call for product longevity and promoting resale, rental and repair, to extend the useful life of existing items reducing the need for virgin resources. We also call for the recycling and reuse of existing synthetic fibres.

3. Social Justice & The Just Transition

We demand that the fashion industry treats all workers fairly and with dignity. We speak out for workers’ rights, a living income, freedom of association, gender equality, and challenge systemic racism and other forms of abusive power.

We advocate for adherence to existing best-practice frameworks to protect workers within the supply chain, for example; Fair Wear, WFTO, and the Modern Slavery Act. We call for new enforceable, auditable agreements and legislation.

We call for direct and long-term partnerships with suppliers to invest in the supply chain, community and climate resilience. Suppliers are partners in the transformation and must be active in decision-making. We advocate for low-carbon production, craft-based and circular livelihoods at fair wages, towards a Just Transition.

4. Radical Transparency & Corporate Governance

We call for standardised, industry-wide methodology and measurement criteria, underpinned by a common language and consistent reporting of social and environmental impacts. 

Companies must have transparent supply chains and deliver full public disclosure of all tiers. Companies must take responsibility for human rights due diligence, ensure living incomes for workers, the right to unionisation, D&I and fair taxation. All stakeholders are important to this process, not only shareholders.

We call for board-level engagement and role-modelling, with all business decisions being assessed based on their climate, ecological and social impacts, to put people and planet alongside profit.

5. The Regenerative Fashion Model

With pressure from citizens, employees, investors and the inescapable reality of the climate crisis, brands must acknowledge that the existing economic model, based on infinite growth is broken. We call for all fashion companies to take rapid action to manage their operations within planetary boundaries, transforming their business models to be fair for all.

Fashion can become a positive force for good. The Fashion Declares community shares best practice and expertise to restore  ecosystems, biodiversity and climate, whilst empowering communities, democracy and health.

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The Open Letter

Fashion Declares was launched in 2022 with an Open Letter calling for radical change of the fashion industry in the climate, ecological and social crisis.

Founding Signatories

Safia Minney, MBE, Founder of People Tree & Fashion Declares, Author, Speaker

Tom Berry, Global Director Sustainable Business at Farfetch, commentator on Sustainable Business, UK

Christine Goulay, Global Director, Pangaia B2B, PANGAIA and Founder, Sustainabelle Consulting, France 

Debbie Luffman, Product Director Finisterre / ThinkCircular / Hubbub, UK

Vincent Stanley, Head of Philosophy, Patagonia, US

Mike Barry, Strategic Advisor, speaker, commentator on Sustainable Business, UK

Lauren Bartley, Sustainability Director, GANNI, Denmark 

Kathleen Talbot, CSO & VP Operations, Reformation, US

Dounia Wone, Chief Sustainability and Inclusion Officer, Vestiaire Collective, France

Alexander Kohnstamm, Executive Director, Fair Wear Foundation

Nishanth Chopra, Founder and Director, Oshadi, India

Liz Ricketts, Co-founder and Director, The Or Foundation, US

Patrick Grant, Director, Community Clothing, UK

Javier Goyeneche, President & Founder, Ecoalf, Spain

Kalkidan Legesse, CEO od OWNI, UK

Kresse Wesling CBE, Co-founder, Elvis and Kresse, UK


Marian von Rappard, Founder, Dawn Denim, Vietnam

Fashion Revolution

Mariusz Stochaj, Head of Product and Sustainability at Continental Clothing

James Reinhart, CEO, thredUP, US

Konstanze Abouleish, Director of Organic Textiles, SEKEM, Egypt

Rebecca Ballard, Founder and CEO/ED, Maven Women/The Fashion Connection, US

Sandra Capponi & Gordon Renouf, Founders, Good On You, Australia 

Dame Zandra Rhodes, UK

Tim Webb, Sustainability & CSR, BSI, UK

Abbie Morris, Co – Founder and CEO, Compare Ethics, UK

John Boddy, Head of The Fashion & Textiles Institute, Falmouth University, UK

Cyndi Rhoades, Circularity Advisor, World Circular Textiles Days, Co-Founder, UK

Charlie Bradley Ross, Founder of Offset Warehouse & The Sustainable Fashion Collective, UK

Andre Leu, International Director, Regeneration International, Australia

Alexander Kohnstamm, Executive Director, Fair Wear Foundation

Vanessa Jacobs, CEO, The Restory, UK

Dounia Wone, Chief Sustainability and Inclusion Officer, Vestiaire Collective, France

Sarah Cheffy, Senior Director of Brand Strategy, Fashion Phile, USA

Sabinna Rachimova, Sustainability & CSR, UK

Deborah Barker, Founder, Southeast England Fibreshed, UK

Kathy Marshall, General Manager, Sabahar, Ethiopia

Mairin Wilson, Sustainability & CSR, USA

Sophie Scanlon, Head of Design, Plan B (Project Plan B), UK

Sarah Compson, Intl Dev Manager, Soil Association & World Board Member, IFOAM Organics International

Kunal Kapoor, CEO, The Luxury Closet, United Arab Emirates

Olivia Windham Stewart, Independent Business and Human Rights Specialist, UK

Kerry Bannigan, Executive Director, Fashion Impact Fund, US

The Industry We Want

Ayesha Barenblat, Founder & CEO, Remake, US

Andrew Morgan, Film director, The True Cost Movie, US

Dvora Photography

Trewin Restorick, Founder, Hubbub, UK

Marieke Eyskoot, sustainable lifestyle expert, Speaker & Author, The Netherlands

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit

Tamara Cincik, Founder and CEO, Fashion Roundtable, UK

Lavina Muth, Sustainability Provocateur, Germany

Baroness Lola Young, House of Lords, UK

Alan McClay, CEO, Better Cotton Initiative

Lucy Tammam, creative director, Tammam, UK

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