The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

By Kate Osbourne.

Delight your friends and family this Christmas with our thoughtful, kind and considered gift guide for gifts in our community that give back. We are excited to welcome Kate Osborne, founder of Considered Store, a new online store who are on a mission to shake up gifting & homeware for good, to curate the ultimate gift and no gift list for us to enjoy. With a background of 10+ years in sustainability impact and communications, Kate, brings her knowledge and expertise to the table.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

Gifting is not just an exchange of items; it’s an act that we do as an expression of appreciation, love, and thought for those we hold dear. When we choose gifts for our loved ones, we are not only marking a special occasion or a moment in time, but also acknowledging the connection we share with them and who they mean to us. When we sit down and think about it, gifting is an incredibly important part of how we move and evolve. This act becomes even more meaningful when we opt for gifts that resonate with personal values, considered choices and sustainable practices. But it can often get forgotten in the buzz and hustle of this time of year.

So, take a breath, recentre yourself, or prepare yourself a cuppa and dig into some of these thoughtful and unique gift ideas and the reasons why

The Impact of Small Business: Making your Money Matter

 In a world increasingly dominated by major corporations and mass-produced goods, we think choosing to shop small or opting for handmade, second-hand, or personally crafted items adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gifts. It’s an opportunity to show your loved ones how much you value their unique perspectives and relationship. Small businesses offer a window into a world of carefully crafted, ethically sourced, and environmentally conscious products that not only give joy to the recipient but also contribute positively to the global community.

Small businesses are the pulse of our local economy, and when they thrive, we all benefit.

Small ethical businesses are the cornerstone of innovation and thriving local communities. They make up 99.2% of all businesses in the UK and employ 48% of our workforce. It is estimated that every £1 spent with a local business contributes £1.76 to the local economy, compared to only 36 pence when spent in international businesses. This multiplier effect, almost 400% more beneficial to the local economy, underscores the power of supporting local businesses.

By choosing to spend at these small enterprises, rather than at major retailers in international businesses, consumers not only contribute to sustaining jobs and fostering innovation but also play a significant role in enhancing the vibrancy and economic health of their communities.


small business


Choosing to Gift from the Good Guys:

I set up Considered Store to be a destination for gifts and home items that have been made well and with respect to people and planet, and to be an antidote to the recent trend of mass production and overconsumption. Considered Stores’s purpose is to tell the story behind the items you buy and to retrain our collective mindsets to do more with less and buy better. When you buy something from us, you are not just supporting a small business, but choosing to become part of a movement towards supporting local businesses, collective action and community.

This network does not operate in silos, we operate as a group of businesses who are paving forward with collective action, and first and foremost, we recognise that we cannot do it alone.

Shop Something Handmade

Whether you are looking for the perfect Secret Santa gifts, presents for yoga & meditation enthusiasts, or handcrafted accents for the home, we have a treasure trove of sustainable and meaningful choices. For jewellery lovers, choose from a selection of beautiful recycled brass pieces or fair trade travel rolls for those weekend adventures. Book lovers, handcrafted bookmarks and notebooks. For yogis and meditation lovers, accessories and more. And for those who appreciate artisanal quality and ethical production, tonnes of unique items selected for their beauty.

Mend Something They Loved

Know that a loved one has an item that no longer fits them or has a rip, a tear or something that could be fixed. Find your local fixing centre and get it restored for them. Its such a beautiful way to preserve the items we already have whilst supporting a local maker.


Mending clothes with thread


Embrace the Charm of Second-Hand Finds

Choosing a second-hand gift is not only an eco-friendly choice but also a way to find something truly unique and with its own story. Vintage books, classic vinyl records, retro fashion, or antique home decor – the options are endless. These items often come with a history and character that new items lack. Shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, or online second-hand platforms can be an adventure in itself, uncovering hidden gems that can bring joy and surprise to your loved ones. It’s a sustainable and thoughtful way to show you care, while also giving a new life to pre-loved items.

Get them into the outdoors

Ever heard of seedball tins? A delightful way to create wildflower meadows and encourage outdoor activities. It’s a simple yet profound gesture – throw the balls during a walk in a local area and watch as nature transforms them into a blossoming wonder.

Write a Heartfelt Letter

In an age of digital communication, the classic art of letter writing holds a special charm. A handwritten letter is a deeply personal gift that can convey emotions and thoughts in a way that no store-bought item can. It’s a canvas for expressing gratitude, reminiscing shared memories, or simply telling someone how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a lengthy letter or a short, heartfelt note, the time and thought put into this gesture will be cherished by your loved ones for years to come. In a world of fleeting texts and emails, a letter is a timeless treasure.

Craft a Handmade Gift

There’s something incredibly special about a gift made by your own hands. It could be a knitted scarf, a painted canvas, a batch of homemade cookies, or a DIY craft project. The beauty of a handmade gift lies in its uniqueness and the personal touch that goes into its creation. It reflects not just your creativity but also the effort and love you’ve poured into making something special for someone dear to you. Handmade gifts are not just items; they’re tangible representations of your affection and creativity.

Bonus: Forage for Christmas Decorations:

Natural materials and evergreens make the most beautiful, sustainable Christmas decorations over plastic. Check out Pinterest for ideas and suggestions for this. NB – please forage respectfully! Choose your gardens and always make sure to ask for permission if you are unsure.

Use Reusable Wrapping / Packaging

Use recycled or recyclable packaging, choose brown paper that can then be recycled, make your own hand printed wrapping paper, we also have reusable sari wraps here.

Donate: Your time / your items / your money

If you are making, thrifting and mending, it is also such a great opportunity to make sure you are giving back to your local charities and volunteer organisations. Perhaps set some time aside to help out and do some volunteering, or send your unwanted items to the shops early this year so they can benefit from Christmas spending.

To make your Christmas shopping even more special, Considered Store is offering £15 off your first order, including FREE shipping with the code: SHOPSMALL10 (valid until 15th December, for a minimum £65 order).

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Ultimately, this time of year is a time of year to be enjoyed. And we wish you all the happiest of times with those you find dear. Remember to take a break, remember to be present and to find times to appreciate all the brilliant things around and recharge.

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