The Open Letter

Fashion Declares was launched in 2022 with an Open Letter calling for radical change of the fashion industry in the climate, ecological and social crisis (see signatories).

“The climate, ecological and social crisis is the most serious issue of our time. The fashion industry is, and has been, a huge contributor to this crisis but it can also be a significant force for positive change.

The knowledge, ideas and technology exist for the transformation of the fashion industry. What has been lacking is the collective will.

The fashion industry employs millions of people across the world. When we come together, we have a powerful collective voice to change our industry and all our futures. We recognise the urgent need to build a new, systemic and inclusive fashion industry that celebrates different initiatives and approaches to production and consumption, and that puts planet and people first.

We need a system where new fashion production is net-zero, uses resources within planetary boundaries, promotes human rights and fair and decent livelihoods. The Fashion Declares community advocates for a fashion system where the sustainability agenda is not confined to sustainability teams alone but underpins all our work and thinking within the industry.

We are focused on helping everyone in the fashion industry becomes stubborn optimists and act in accordance with the climate, ecological and social emergency. We show how this creative and innovative sector can use its drive and passion to take a leading role in tackling the crises and develop new sustainable business models, mindsets and behaviours.

By signing this letter we  show our support for the goals of Fashion Declares.”

Founding Signatories

Safia Minney, MBE, Founder of People Tree, Author, Advisor Speaker, UK

Tom Berry, Global Director Sustainable Business at Farfetch, commentator on Sustainable Business, UK

Debbie Luffman, Product Director Finisterre / ThinkCircular / Hubbub, UK

Mike Barry, Strategic Advisor, speaker, commentator on Sustainable Business, UK

Mariusz Stochaj, Head of Product and Sustainability at Continental Clothing

Ben Tolhurst, Director of Business Declares, UK

Kalkidan Legesse, CEO of OWNI, UK

Lauren Bartley, Sustainability Director, GANNI, Denmark

Sally Bailey, Purpose-driven Non-Exec Chairwoman, board advisor and mentor, UK

Christine Goulay, Global Director, Pangaia B2B, PANGAIA and Founder, Sustainabelle Consulting, France

Vincent Stanley, Head of Philosophy, Patagonia, US

Kathleen Talbot, CSO & VP Operations, Reformation, US

Nishanth Chopra, Founder and Director, Oshadi, India

– Liz Ricketts, Co-founder and Director, The Or Foundation, US

Patrick Grant, Director, Community Clothing, UK

Dax Lovegrove, Sustainability Professional, UK

– Sophie Slater, Co-founder / CEO, Birdsong, UK

Kresse Wesling CBE, Co-founder, Elvis and Kresse, UK

– Sarah Cheffy, FASHIOPHILE

Marian von Rappard, Founder, Dawn Denim, Vietnam

Fashion Revolution

Javier Goyeneche, President & Founder, Ecoalf, Spain

Lucy Shea, Group CEO, Futerra, UK

James Reinhart, CEO, thredUP, US

Konstanze Abouleish, Director of Organic Textiles, SEKEM, Egypt

Tamsin Lejeune, CEO of Common Objective, Founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum, UK

Lisa Morgans, Head of Livestock, Innovation for Agriculture, UK

Nancy Johnston, CEO and Founder, Tengri, UK

Sandra Capponi & Gordon Renouf, Founders, Good On You, Australia

Kishore Shah, Consultant (Regenerative Fashion), Khadi, UK

Rebecca Ballard, Founder and CEO/ED, Maven Women/The Fashion Connection, US

Azadeh Yasaman [Nabizadeh], Co-founder, Textile & Fashion Designer, Azadeh-Yasaman, Iran

Sel Kofiga, Founder, The Slum Studio, Ghana

Caryn Franklin, MBE, Fashion Commentator, UK

Abbie Morris, Co – Founder and CEO, Compare Ethics, UK

Tim Webb, Sustainability & CSR, BSI, UK

Sven Segal, Founder, The Better Shoes Foundation, UK

Mano Ranjan, Five P, India

Cyndi Rhoades, Circularity Advisor, World Circular Textiles Days, Co-Founder, UK

Charlie Bradley Ross, Founder of Offset Warehouse & The Sustainable Fashion Collective, UK

Andre Leu, International Director, Regeneration International, Australia

Alexander Kohnstamm, Executive Director, Fair Wear Foundation

Vanessa Jacobs, CEO, The Restory, UK

Dounia Wone, Chief Sustainability and Inclusion Officer, Vestiaire Collective, France

Sarah Cheffy, Senior Director of Brand Strategy, Fashion Phile, USA

John Boddy, Head of The Fashion & Textiles Institute, Falmouth University, UK

– Sabinna Rachimova, Sustainability & CSR, UK

Deborah Barker, Founder, Southeast England Fibreshed, UK

Kathy Marshall, General Manager, Sabahar, Ethiopia

Mairin Wilson, Sustainability & CSR, USA

Sophie Scanlon, Head of Design, Plan B (Project Plan B), UK

Sarah Compson, Intl Dev Manager, Soil Association & World Board Member, IFOAM Organics International

Kunal Kapoor, CEO, The Luxury Closet, United Arab Emirates

Olivia Windham Stewart, Independent Business and Human Rights Specialist, UK

–  Kerry Bannigan, Executive Director, Fashion Impact Fund, US

The Industry We Want

Ayesha Barenblat, Founder & CEO, Remake, US

– Andrew Morgan, Film director, The True Cost Movie, US

– Dvora Photography

– Trewin Restorick, Founder, Hubbub, UK

– Marieke Eyskoot, sustainable lifestyle expert, Speaker & Author, The Netherlands

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit

Tamara Cincik, Founder and CEO, Fashion Roundtable, UK

Lavina Muth, Sustainability Provocateur, Germany

Baroness Lola Young, House of Lords, UK

Anthony Burns, ACS Clothing

Lucy Tammam, creative director, Tammam, UK


Later Signatories

Regeneration International


Chris Haughton

Joe Little


Zuzana Mocilenkova

Karun Tyagi


Responsibility Communications Editor

Kate Harper

Cecily Rooney

Jo Salter, Founder Where Does It Come From? UK

Josefine Laigaard

Tobias Bjerre

Elsa Lima, founder, Cura Fashion Design Studio

Laura Dittmann

Sofie Clauwers, international marketing & sustainability graduate

Lucie Harrild, Comhla

Jennifer Greggs, Sustainability Associate

Sury Bagenal Fashion design consultant

Rachel Chuang, Social Responsibility , GANNI

Zoe Robinson

Natasha Walmsley, Digital Marketing Executive

Rachel Hartley, SFA

Julie Verdich

Steve Jennings, scope 3 value chain decarbonisation

Syed Sameer


Ester Xicota

Jolanda Kooi, Founder, tex.tracer, NL

Kolbra sveinbjornsson

Flora Davidson


Emily Young

Dr Catherine Chong

Vicki Lant

Designer/Business Owner

Dr Catherine Chong

Megan Doyle, Sustainable Fashion Journalist

Izzy Howden

Alexandra – tex.tracer

Beckie Ellis, Material Impact Manager, PANGAIA

Bel Jacobs

Prof. Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas

Helene saetre



Caroline, Founder Studio Ten Kate

Liz Retail Sales

Tiphaine Marie Pittet, Philanthropy Manager, PANGAIA

Paula – HIDRA Founder

Shara Felix

Loopy Ewes


Nikki Admiraal


Liz Mtz

Patriock Gottelier

Terryn Bridges – Fashion Wholesale

Jenny Hulme, Head of Buying, People Tree

Clara Jensen, Project Manager, Fashion Revolution Denmark


Gillian L



Natalie Lloyd, Sustainability Professional

Amber Rochette

Caroline Priebe, CEO and Founder of The Center for the Advancement of Garment Making

bAwear Score

Ceire Kealty, PhD Student, Villanova University

Sustainability Professional, Zalando, Berlin, DE


Audrey Vincent, Online Trading Manager

Saul leese

Alejandro Gomez

Amin Khan, Owner, Sustainable Fashion Brand

Sidse J, CSR practitioner

Silke Sønderstrup-Granquist, sustainable business change facilitator

Sonya, environmental student

Úna Hayde

Megan Rea

Shay Gipson, Founder, The ASG Group

Anja Padget


Emma Hakansson, Collective Fashion Justice founding director

Lis Grainger


Justine W

Sarah Cooke

Caroline DeLair


Erin Meyer

Jo Fairley, Co-Founder, Green & Black’s

Helena Lindberg Studio

Aisha Ayoade

Sanna Leino / FAIR.FI

Bruno Ferreira da Silva

Melissa, Project Cece

Amelia Twine

Alistair Holloway, Project Manager, WGSN

Claire Ellis-Baker

Manuel Cardoso

José Pinho

Chiara Piccolo

Kim Tang – Sustainable Product Designer

Anja Buchcik, Chief Impact Officer, Organic Basics


Rania Kouzi, Sustainability Coordinator, Organic Basics


Kelly Drennan, Founder, Fashion Takes Action

Elena Mandelli, Sr.Business Development Manager, Farfetch

Medina Imsirovic, Fashion Writer

Anabela Peixoto


Johanne Stenstrup, Lifestyle & Design Cluster

Tanita Hecking

Kimberly Henken, Key Account Manager, FARFETCH

Lynn Wilson, Founder, Circular Design Scotland Ltd

Mariana Salles, Branding Planning, FARFETCH


Joana Loureiro

Alex Standley, Personal Stylist

Anka, PLM, Puma


Jolene Crawford, Co-founder / CEO Irregular Sleep Pattern, UK

Robbie Floyd


Lisa Lake, Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Fashion + Textiles

Benjamin Geourjon

Pedro Martins

Joyce Thornton

Tanja Gotthardsen, consultant and activist

Ellie Sutton


Katherine clark, Fashion designer


Christina MacPhail


Joshua Williams, Senior Lecturer, Bath Spa University

Erin Lewis

Emma Harding, Ethics & Social Manager

Nadya Evans, Fashion design student


Florinda Libreros

Sarah Jordan, Founder & CEO, Y.O.U Underwear

Roisin, Nuw

Millie Baker

Francesca Padula



Donald Taffurelli, Founder/CEO, Truth Alone Clothing

Ines Rust


Founder of adarche clothing

Claudia Szerakowski

Isabel G Ealand


Lydia Pipili

Bharati Manchanda, Founder and Designer, Embellished Truth


Sabine Lydia Müller – SYMBIOSE EINS* marketing for sustainable projects


Virginia Grose

Simone Sommer, Fashion Designer, Academic Lecturer and Sustainability Strategist


Ieva Zubaviciute

Camila becerra

Eliza D

Ilaria Quotta, Designer, Arte Facta

Angela Senior studio manager

Founder /Director

Hannah Johnson

Sustainability Consultant

Chiara Galimberti

Harriet Gardiner

Maya Magnay

Ruby Fowler, CSR Manager

Paula Ruiz Díaz, Fashion Designer

Eva Ross

Malinda Salter

Hayley Lange

Tiffany Wong

People Heart Planet


isabella muller

Noorin Khamisani, Fashion designer & lecturer

Nicola Davenport, Co-Founder,

Helen White

Christina Dymiotis

Ryan Jacobs

Morin George-Douglas



Deborah Blau

Merchandiser manager

Venetia La Manna

Judy Cooper

Ian Smart, Co-Founder, Impact Central

Marci Zaroff

Sarah Anne

Kowtow Clothing

Amy DuFault, Sustainability Director at Botanical Colors

Silvia Andreani, Luxury Fashion Beauty Client Officer, Ipsos


Anisha Misra, The Luxury Closet

Irina M

Emily Beere



Michael Keogh

Amy Warren

Lou Stokes

Alexandra Medrano Ganzon

Damian Lyons

J Jorgensen

Chloe Eloise Andrews

Sara Campidelli

Lydia Gardiner

Taylor Piotrowski


Sonja Stewart

Will Richardson (Green Element & Compare Your Footprint)

Kelli Donovan – Founder Creative Direct – PurePod Sustainable


C Hilsum


Jodi Muter-Hamilton, Founder, Other Day

Richard Wilson, Ecommerce Director

Greg Fleming

Austin Tasker, Co-Founder, TheCirkel.Com

Laura Greppi

Product Design Engineer

Luciola Pires Zamprogna

Anouska Hesp

Chandru Wadhwani

Love Fashion Earth


Timi Osunneye

Vicki Yeo

Sabine Lettmann, Circular Fashion Designer and Senior Lecturer

Aisling Griffin

Sasha Glasscock

Beatrix Taylor


Tara St James

Ruth Eaton

Charles Ross

Imogen Clark, MSc

Carolyn Nasiff



Co-founder, Encore Recruitment Limited

Alli Goodfellow-Ash

Cloth Atelier

Kristine Ceirane

Poppy Fitzpatrick

George Friend

Elizabeth Morrison

Kelly Joseph

Ines Arconada Vazquez

Krissie Leyland

Josslyn McAuley



Sarah Corbett, Founder, Craftivist Collective

Lydia Brearley, Independent Sustainability Consultant, Enkel

Judita Panoviene, Chief Brand Officer, Aboutwear

M Facey

Gemma Worrall

Annie Howard

Amy McAvoy

Tom Crisp

Olie Arnold, Style Director, E Commerce

Chantelle Anonuevo

Liana Weatherhead

Giorgia Bergamo

Rui Santos, Data




Kathleen Webber, journalist and academic

Suzanna James


Alison Dunsmuir


Shona Monteiro


Rachel Wooding

Munib Nawaz

Sam Barley; Fashion Student

Maheen Khan



Joe Williams, Fassion CCO

Jennie, Founder of Compost Clothes

Monju Haque

Rachel Preston

Ngozi Okaro

Mariapaz Urcuyo

Hanna Carlsson, Fashion student


Rethink Apparel

Emma Cartmel

Judy berger

Martin Arnold, Commercial Director, EV Cargo

Maria Intscher-Owrang, CEO, Simplifyber

Dax Lovegrove

Joan Michelson

Marije de Roos, Founder, Positive Fibers, The Netherlands


Tuhla Choudhury- Founder and creative director at Sew It In London UK , A sustainable fashion service and manufacturer

Priya Gopalraj

Elle Magana Mireles

Bettina Hobson, fashion & sustainability speaker


Cassandra Hee, Luxury Brand Marketing and Leather Technology student

Hich Boukhari

Marketing Assistant

Fashion Marketing Intern

Emily Bingham, Fashion Marketing student


Manuela Millan, Product and Strategy Designer

Diletta Pollice, Founder Appcycled

Cristina Raichs, Merchandiser

Nigel Owen

Rugweda V Sawant

Gerard Reimert


Emilie Jorgensen, Fashion Marketing with Management Student, University of Southampton


B America: Archen jackets : select it : tottagency

Alicia Farrow

Nick K.

Madeline Campbll

Textile worker

Libby Hudson

Co-Founder & CEO, Its Trendi

Adam Montelongo, Fashion Activist

Maddie Wills

  1. D.

Cova Trujillo Mateos, MA Material Futures


donna templeman

Cyril Naicker


Business English Coach for Textile Professionals

Daniella Dawkins, master upcycler

Sofía Urquiola

M.E Fashion Designer

Antonia Taylor

Elizabeth Ahn

Nika Belamaric


Ngaiee Takano

Karen Finn

Jess, ESG & Sustainability manager

Elissa Shafeek

Tessa Semey, student, CE accelerator

Ella Messenger


Giulia Diano, Sustainability Consultant, Milan, IT

Sonica Sarna


María Sostenible


Olivia Pinnock, Fashion Journalist & Lecturer


Founder Aqua & Rock bio-circular fashion brand UK

Claire L Couchman

Linda Ward Green Zebra

Kirtan Shah

Ruchindra H

Andrea Rubio


Alejandro Sierra Amoedo

Ness newman

rén collective (NGO)

Trinity Fashion BA Student & retail sales associate

BA Fashion Business Graduate

Marci Zaroff

Mafalda Barbosa

Grace Costa

Stefan Maksimov, MSc in textile engineering


Issy Pountney

Dr Paola Fiore, Founder & Director ETICAMBIENTE®


Jake Easby-Keating

Shilpa Bilimoria-Cherry

Hester Vanacker

Emily Fry, Fashion Photographer

Charlotte – Marketer

Savina Karneva

Emma lacey

Tanvi Mohan

Chandni Batra

Rajesh R

Chloe Thomas, Podcast Host, eCommerce MasterPlan

Kimberly Guthrie

Megan Le


Fashion for Good

An Kerkstoel

FERMIR – Confeçes Fernandes & Miranda, Lda

Nefeli Pavlou-Mousio

Yesa Garça Founder at Santeria

Olga B, Founder & Designer, I’mdividual, UK

Josephine Chen

Warren Parker-Mills, CEO, beforeStores

Mitar Djuraskovic


A Snid

  1. Koeleman

Kathryn co-founder swap-studio


Deborah V

Johanna Andersson



Imogen Mills

Sofia Rachele

Sieme van As, Fashion student

Katie Robinson, Textile Lead, MyRefactory

Anna Bryher – Labour Behind the Label

Camilla Egeberg, Fashion Activist, CSR Specialist, Sourcing House

Aneta Pruskova, Founder, Adva Studios

Serena Mazzola, Digital Marketer

Corinna Budnarowska


Brand Liaison

Magali De Wachter


Jacqueline Shaw, Founding Director Africa Fashion Guide


Jessica Kruger, founder, LUXTRA

Marci Zaroff

Binaya Jena

Joanna Maiden

Bianca Rangecroft, Founder & CEO , Whering

Bradyn Sloan

Erin Onofrio Malaney

Warunyou Techaprechasil

elizabeth wilkinson

Chrissy Scott

Rhiannon Williams

Eve Broadis, Founder and Managing Director, Fair Trade Scotland Ltd.

Dirk de Waal, Assistant Professor

Astrid Jacoby

Dame Zandra Rhodes


Natasha Francis

Verónica Barcia, Graphic Designer

Her Nature Sustainable Fashion

Susan Wheeler


Bella Webb

John Pritchard

Helen Redfern, Founder, Green Heart Collective

Laura Gibson

Julia Hardie

Nicole Hudson

Kea Berdyszak, Product Design

Ruby Veridiano

Natalie LaBarbera

Everyone at Betternotstop and the team at Better Business Network


Katya Moorman, Editor + Co-Founder No Kill Magazine

  1. L. Dunn, Co-Founder No Kill Magazine

Mia Middleton, Student

Alejandro Gomez Salazar

Kiana Dionysus


Business Consultant/Coach/Non exec

Simony patel

Jessica Owusu-Afriyie, Founder Suite Creative Studio

Gill Gledhill


Kay apparel

Jack Taylor

Thangham Jane

David Evans

Julia Brammer

Margarida Vasconcelos

Margarida, Co-founder Seeds & Stories, Uganda

Fashion journalist and educator

Tara Luckman

Paul Bryce, Co-founder, Encore Recruitment Ltd)

Duncan Money, Head of Social & Environmental Impact, Rapha

Ali McAleavy, Founder of ZIG+STAR


Kirsteen McGregor


Hannah St James, Stylist


Alicia lai

Niccy Kol, Brand & Impact Catalyst

Omina Otsieno

Mrs Angela rawstorne

Thanapara Swallows Development Society

susan joy

Jenna Remes, jewelry designer

Graham Hutson, media and branding, Velobici


Helen O’Sullivan

TryKind Clothing


James Greene

Angelica Payne

Caroline Poiner, CEO & Founder Cloth & Co. , Australia

Zaida Rodriguez

Kenji Higashi, Spiber Inc.

Pia Anderson

Kumi designer

Katie Munro, GM, Arnhem Clothing

Samantha H

Clothes Minded


Amy Plummer

Simone Avantaggiato

Mark Duncan

Johanna Hehmsoth, CEO at Organic Stories

Anna Bared, Owner & Director, Bared Footwear

Alex, Designer & Sustainability, Bared Footwear

Georgie Chipp, Head of Product, Bared Footwear



Mandish Kalsi, Service Designer

Emma Dawes




Sophie Summers

Stephanie Williams

Sophie Cochrane


Michael Kininmonth



Sarah Edwards

Claire O, Materials Developer



Kim Warner, Anti-Greenwashing Fashion Advocate

Mireia Lopez, Creative Director. CEO Blinded by Color Project / BBCP Rainwater Foundation

Labour Behind the Label

Jonathan Jewell

Sustainable fashion journalist


George Kapetanovic

Noel Kingsley, Alexander Technique

Türkü Erez, Corporate Marketing Specialist, Denge Kimya

Penny Morton

Britta Boyer


Sam Hudson-Miles: fashion educator

Prasad Jaladi

Libby Abreu, SDG Advocate, Founder Across Humanity. Vzla.


Dinah kawino Awino

Alexandra Weatherby


President Valeria Mangani

Katherine Soucie

Arthlene Lawrence Fashion Designer

Olivia Kellett

Casey Dworkin

Jahnvi Saluja

Bergstrand Consultancy

Alissa Baier-Lentz

Francisco Ferreira dos Santos, CEO, JFS, Mozambique

Dr Paola Fiore

Roen Elise Dioquino

Udit Sood EcoRight

Anna-Maria Hesse, co-founder Here Today Here Tomorrow

Linda Ahrens, CEO UNOWN

Sylvia Omina Otsieno

Imogen A Williams

Michael Schmitz

Mai Trebuil

Laura Cochrane-Davies

Shameek Ghosh, CEO & co-founder, TrusTrace

Cate Victoria

Brett Cotten, ARDA Biomaterials

Carly Kelleher

Made X Hudson

Daniel Novello

Debbie Huntley Designer

Ietje Klaver

Conserve india

Lynsey Burns