Renée Materials: Transforming Waste into Opportunity

Photo: “After Broken Follows More …” An entire collection using only scraps from Renée Materials designed by Oxana Nicolov

By Camila Becerra

In today’s world, where sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority on most companies’ agendas and innovative solutions are emerging to fight waste and promote circularity, Renée Materials stands out as an online platform with a mission to repurpose and redistribute high-quality materials, envisioning a world without wasted resources. London alone produces approximately 18 million metric tonnes of waste every year with 83% originating from companies and businesses. Renée Materials aims to divert a significant portion of this from landfills.

The platform founded by Frieda and Vassi, serves as a marketplace where companies can sell excess materials, ranging from paper to woodstock and textiles, rather than discarding them, and provides access to individuals, small businesses and creatives to affordable, high-quality materials. So far, they have saved 10.1 tonnes of materials from skips, thanks to its 9k network of creatives.

This approach creates new avenues for companies to generate revenue from their waste, with profits from sales split 60% for the companies and 40% for Renée Materials. Additionally, it plays a vital role in supporting creativity and education by offering materials at prices up to 50% cheaper than market rates. The platform democratizes access to resources, making them available for small businesses, students, and individuals passionate about DIY projects, while fostering a culture of sustainability among the next generation of creators.

Moreover, Renée Materials provides a materials sourcing service where customers can request larger quantities or inquire about materials not listed on the platform. Also, you can visit its two physical Circular Material Hubs located in Hackney Wick and Shepherd’s Bush.

Looking ahead, the company aims to expand its reach and impact beyond London. Currently, they are looking for funding to create an app to expand the service to other cities as well as to generate a network of ambassadors from different communities and places to keep fulfilling the platform with new vendors and buyers.

Renée Materials embodies the essence of innovation and sustainability, offering a tangible solution to the pressing issue of waste management. Through its online platform and physical hubs, the organization not only salvages valuable materials but also nurtures creativity, fosters education, and cultivates environmental stewardship. As we strive to meet ambitious environmental targets, initiatives like this one serve as beacons of hope, demonstrating that a world without wasted resources is not just a distant dream but an achievable reality through collective action and forward-thinking initiatives.


Safia Minney interviewed Frieda, founder of Renee Materials, watch the interview here.