Session 1: Fashion – Nature & Climate

regenerative fashion conference

Session 1: Fashion, Nature & Climate

At Conway Hall, London


Learn about the links between fashion, nature, and climate and the actions you can take in your company to drive positive change.

Decarbonising your supply chain, shifting to low-impact materials and rethinking buying practice to promote innovation, regeneration and social impact . And the good news? It’s already happening – this amazing panel of experts will tell you where to start.

This session showcases innovative brands and organisations, pioneering industry leaders sharing insights and the ‘How To’. Covering topics such as Regenerative and organic cotton; Mapping and reducing carbon emissions; Sourcing low-impact materials; Transitioning from animal derived products.

There is a way to redesign the fashion industry with people and planet central and provide customers, investors and workers purposeful work.

Hosted by Safia Minney, expert panellists include:

  • Green Element – Alicia Thew
  • Future Fabrics Expo – Amanda Johnston
  • Collective Fashion Justice – Emma Hakansson
  • Oshadi – Nishanth Chopra
  • Changing Markets Foundation – Urska Trunk

Arrive at 12:45 for 1:00-2:00 pm. Come to the foyer exhibition and network. Refreshments available for purchase.

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