regenerative fashion conference

Regenerative Fashion Conference

September 14th 2023

Fashion declares is launching Regenerative Fashion Day. This will take place the day before London Fashion week, the first commencing on September 14th 2023.

Panel & Catwalk Show

Panel discussion followed by live performances by poet Rakaya Fetuga, award-winning sound maker Lauriem, poet and multi-instrumentalist Alya Isha, and NILE, whose music spans disco to soul and R&B.

Panel includes:


Alongside a catwalk show featuring sustainable designers and brands.

regeneration fashion show

Why come to this event?

In the busy day to day running businesses, it can be difficult to prioritise sustainability initiatives. Budgets are strapped and yet we can’t afford to not act. And with so much information out there, it can be challenging to know when and where to create change. Think of this event as your official springboard into taking action.

“I am thrilled to be a panellist at the upcoming event hosted by Fashion Declares. The movement’s dedication to driving radical change in the fashion industry, and urging companies to break free from the damaging grip of fast fashion and embrace practices within planetary boundaries, aligns perfectly with my commitment to promoting fair and responsible fashion.”

– Urska Trunk, Changing Markets Foundation

You will:

  • Build your network, meet new people & be inspired.
  • Get actionable takeaways to develop sustainability practices in your organisation.
  • Grow your understanding of a regenerative future for fashion.
  • Support a brilliant cause (all proceeds from this event go to supporting the ongoing work of Fashion Declares)


What to expect:

This is not like any other conference you have attended. We know how important it is for businesses and professionals in this industry to build knowledge and networks for change and we will deliver you just that.

The moment you walk through the door you will be welcomed with open discussions, brilliant networking opportunities and the tools to make ignite real change in your business towards a more regenerative and sustainable future.

Come for one session, or come for all of them and enjoy an afternoon of expert panel sessions, led by Safia Minney MBE, sharing best practice and new approaches with 20 leading sustainability professionals and pioneers.

Snacks and refreshments will be available for purchase between events. Regenerative fashion exhibitions and networking opportunities to be held in the Conway Hall foyer.

Session 1: Fashion - Nature & Climate 1 - 2pm BST

Arrive at 12:45 for 1:00-2:00 pm.

Understand the links between fashion, nature, and climate and take action in your company.

Learn how to measure your carbon emissions, shift to low-impact materials, rethink your buying practice. Join us to hear from experts showcasing innovative brands and organisations, pioneering industry leaders. Come away with fresh motivation and tools.

You’ll also learn about regenerative and organic cotton, alternatives to leather and much more!

Interested in attending just this panel? Purchase an individual ticket for it here:

headshots of speakers

Session 2: Fashion - People & Livelihoods 2:30 - 3:30pm BST

Arrive at 2:15 for 2:30 – 3:30 pm.

To create a truly regenerative and just fashion industry we must pay living wages and guarantee human rights.

In this session we will discuss best practice and delivering fair wages and introduce new legislation in the fashion sector. Topics will include; Better buying practices; Better working conditions in factories; Mapping supply chain; Artisanal craft production to promote decent livelihoods; Sourcing from sustainable and Fair Trade suppliers; Pushing for political change in the fashion industry.

Interested in attending just this panel? Purchase an individual ticket for it here:

panel speakers

Session 3: Fashion, Inspiring Cultural Change 4 - 5pm BST

Arrive at 3:45 for 4 – 5 pm.

How do we build a new fashion narrative and inspire a cultural shift? Can we cut consumption by 75% or more with the rest being 100% ethical? How do degrowth approaches provide solutions? Understanding what corporate activism can look like, running successful campaigns and engaging our audiences through inclusive messaging.

Customers, investors, and regulators are demanding accountability from fashion companies. This session will showcase leading brands and organisations creating circular and regenerative models and engaging brand partners to promote a just transition.

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What is this event about?

The fashion industry needs an intervention. We are running out of time to turn the tide on fashion overconsumption, pollution and unethical practices and shift gears to reach net-zero carbon by 2030.

Fashion has the power to shape culture and behaviour beyond the industry itself.

But an urgent shift in behaviour is needed to cut carbon emissions and avert the climate, ecological and social crisis we currently face.

Join us, as we bring together fashion’s finest minds to discuss what this pathway looks like, the best practice solutions and hopeful and inspiring case studies for change.

Is this for you?

Are you a fashion brand, supplier, fashion professional or individual interested in developing your understanding and application of regenerative fashion? This event is for you if you would like to implement changes in your work, or daily lifestyle and engage with all the inspiring work going on.

What is Regenerative Fashion?

Regenerative fashion is fashion that is produced within Earth’s boundaries. Whilst our current clothing model is extractive and degenerative, regenerative fashion looks to preserve, restore and rebalance.

Regenerative fashion is a powerful tool to reframe the interventions and resources needed to create a resilient future for all.

We are using up more resources, more energy and more raw materials from our planet than our planet can regenerate. Regenerative fashion looks to put these resources back.

What is Fashion Declares?

fashion declares logo

Fashion Declares is a non profit, grassroots collaborative industry organisation looking to create fair and resilient fashion industry that puts people and planet first.

It exists to:

  • Raise awareness of the climate, ecological and social breakdown; and
  • Empower, inspire and support individuals working at all levels within the industry to speak out and encourage their employers to accelerate plans to address this crisis.

Can’t attend in person? Join the online live stream. 

Profits go to support Fashion Declares, a bottom-up, fashion-industry-wide movement to promote rapid action in the climate, ecological and social emergency. If you want to attend this event, but the price is a barrier for you, please contact

There are a small number of tickets for students and low income backgrounds. Please email

We will be running a press conference at 12:00 for key press. Please email for details.

With special thanks to the Conway Hall for facilitating this event.