Session 3: Fashion – Inspiring Cultural Change

regenerative fashion conference

Session 3: Fashion – Inspiring Cultural Change

At Conway Hall, London


How can we challenge the fashion narrative and inspire a cultural shift? Can consumption be ethical and how can we think about degrowth in this context? Understanding what corporate activism can look like, running successful campaigns and engaging our audiences through visual messaging.

Customers, investors, and regulators are increasingly demanding verifications and accountability from fashion companies. This workshop will showcase leading brands and organisations who are creating circular systems and engaging brand partners to promote an industrywide transition.

Hosted by Safia Miney MBE, panellists include:

  • House of Lords – Baroness Lola Young
  • Caryn Franklin
  • Dvora Photography
  • Compare Ethics – Abbie Morris
  • Fashion Revolution
  • ThinkCircular – Debbie Luffman
  • Tom Berry

Arrive at 3:45 for 4:00-5:00 pm. Come to the foyer exhibition and network. Refreshments available for purchase.

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