How to promote Social Justice and Equality?

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How do we protect workers in the fashion supply chain, and ensure best-practice frameworks ?

Fashion supply chains are typically extensive and complex, leaving space for inequality and exploitative practices.

Fashion also has both a systemic race problem and a gender bias, in that people of colour and women are exploited throughout the industry and underrepresented on boards.

What to expect

Join this discussion about social justice and equality, understand what this issue and what it might mean to your own organisation.

Our panel will delve into this complex problem, and explore the urgent need for legislation and regulation in order to improve standards in the industry.

Sign up for this webinar from Fashion Declares and you’ll hear from leaders in the industry who have promoted workers’ rights, living wages, and gender equality, and who successfully challenge systemic racism and other forms of abusive power.

You’ll also get to take part in a live discussion, and leave with actions you can implement now. A grassroots movement, Fashion Declares invites people at all levels and in all functions in the industry to our webinars.


This is a free event, but we ask that you donate if you are able.