How to communicate the Emergency, and lead a Conversation and Action?

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Transformational change in the fashion industry will only occur when people demand it.

Do you find talking about the climate emergency difficult in your team meetings/or even alluding to it? Do you struggle to lead a conversation about the issues and galvanise sustainability and climate actions? Do you feel isolated in your concern and passion for change? Bring these questions to this webinar, hear from our panellists about their experiences and suggestions.

This webinar will empower, inspire and support you to advocate and accelerate action. You’ll hear enlivening presentations from sustainability leaders within Fashion, that will inspire and motivate you.

This webinar will equip you with practical tools and best practices that enable you to speak up for change on decarbonisation, social justice, corporate transparency, and other topics.

Panellists include:

– Anannya Bhattacharjee, International Coordinator of the Asia Floor Wage

– Alden Wicker, Sustainable fashion journalist, founder and EIC of EcoCult

– Debbie Luffman, Hubbub, ThinkCircular

– Ben Tolhurst, Director of Business Declares

– Safia Minney, MBE, Founder of People Tree, REAL sustainability centre, Fashion Declares

Join us for this lively debate, and invite your friends in the fashion industry to come along to. Bring your questions and experiences to what we hope will be a productive and enlivening discussion.

This webinar is free but we do ask that you donate if you can in order to help fund our work!