Interview with Safia Minney, MBE, about her book ‘Regenerative Fashion’

By Rafa Salti, fashion designer & writer for Fashion Declares Last November Laurence King published Safia Minney’s Regenerative Fashion, “Part guide and part manifesto, this book shares stories of our interconnectedness with the natural world and each other, divided into sections on Nature & Materials; People, Livelihoods & Crafts; and New Economy & Leadership.” It […]

YOUR WARDROBE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE By Rafa Salti Every once in a while, as citizens and consumers, we hear of a poignant and revealing documentary about the negative impact of the fashion industry. Personally, every time I watch one of these, I get filled with sadness and anger at the heartbreaking scenes of damage […]

The Industry We Want: What The Data Tells Us About The State Of The Garment Industry​

Report by Rafa Salti Credit: The Industry We Want Fashion Declares attended a webinar on February 14th titled “Towards Industry Transformation: Tracking Progress on Wages, Purchasing Practices, and GHG Emissions Commitments Through The Industry We Want Dashboard”, presented by The Industry We Want, a multi-stakeholder initiative facilitated by Fair Wear, Ethical Trading Initiative and theSustainable Apparel Coalition. Karen […]